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CoolSculpting® in NJ: The Non-invasive Alternative to Liposuction

CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. CoolSculpting® is FDA-cleared for the treatment of fat for the flanks, abdomen, thighs, and chin. There are over 3 million CoolSculpting® treatments performed worldwide. The procedure is clinically proven, safe, and effective. Patients can expect to resume their daily activities immediately.

What to Expect During CoolSculpting®

  • CoolSculpting® eliminates unwanted fat without surgery or downtime.
  • A board certified dermatologist will map out the treatment areas and a certified medical assistant will massage the skin to loosen up the fat cells.
  • Some areas are treated in as little as 35 minutes and discomfort is minimal with no anesthesia or downtime needed.
  • Changes may be seen as early as three weeks after treatment, with the most dramatic results typically seen after one to three months.*

*Individual Results May Vary

Windsor Dermatology Patients’ CoolSculpting Results

12 Weeks Post First Treatment


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“I have been very fortunate to find the amazing team of Dr. Nieves and Sheena DeMaio CCMA who have guided me through the CoolSculpting® process.  Dr. Nieves explained the process clearly as well as expected  realistic results.  Sheena, a passionate CoolSculpting® Technician, made the experience as pleasant  and informative as possible.  The results of two sessions have been transformative both physically and psychologically.  I have lost weight, not because of the CoolSculpting® procedure, but because the results of the procedure have motivated me.  The CoolSculpting® defined my figure and the subsequent exercise and diet refined it.  If you ever considered the possibility of CoolSculpting®,  take the first step and make a consultative appointment with Dr. Nieves and Sheena of Windsor Dermatology!”

– Jacqueline

CoolSculpting® Treatment Areas

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