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Skin Cancer Awareness Month

What to Know About Skin Cancer Prevention

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, so it is important to take the time to review some relevant topics. Skin cancer awareness and prevention become especially relevant as summer approaches and sunlight exposure increases.

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Person with flare up on chest from clothing.

Fabrics and Your Sensitive Skin

When the weather gets cold, you dress to stay warm, but if you have sensitive skin, what you’ve chosen to wear may be contributing to itchiness and other unpleasant reactions. You could also be overdressing and sweating underneath those warm outer garments. Getting too sweaty, however, is not the best state of affairs for people whose skin is overly sensitive.

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5 Most Common Skin Conditions in Children

It is difficult for you as a parent to see your child in discomfort, and rashes can be alarming when they appear on your little one’s skin. However, many are quite common and can be treated successfully. Children’s National Health System details common skin conditions in children, for which you should or may wish to seek clinical care. Here are five you may encounter.

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5 Natural Skin Care Remedies for Eczema Symptoms

According to the National Eczema Association, eczema affects approximately 31.6 million Americans, over 10 percent of the population. Any one of these individuals can attest to the irritation, itchiness and redness associated with the condition. Many struggle to find relief in store-bought skin care products, which can sometimes worsen symptoms. Fortunately, there are natural remedies you can try that help your skin replenish vital moisture and nutrients.

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Love Your Skin

Try Laser Skin Resurfacing

It’s important to love the skin you’re in, but it’s also important to take good care of it. Since it’s exposed to pollutants, sunlight and the whims of the weather 24/7, your skin takes a beating to keep you healthy and confident. Fortunately, you can give it the thanks it deserves by restoring and rejuvenating it with laser skin resurfacing.

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5 Tips for Preventing Cold-Weather Acne

If you have acne, which impacts as many as 50 million Americans a year, you’ve got to do everything you can to take proper care of your skin. The colder temperatures that accompany the winter season can be especially irritating for your skin. Use these tips to satisfy your skin and keep embarrassing flare-ups at bay.

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