When Should I see a Professional about my Acne

Adult-onset acne can develop anytime between your 20s to as late as your 50s, and often occurs for people who also had acne during their teenage years.

Majority of people will experience acne at least once in their lives. However, not all acne is created equal. While most cases of acne are treatable at home with good skin care products, there are times when a medical professional should be consulted.

  • When non-prescription treatments have stopped working. You’ve probably tried lots of over-the-counter options. But if something that has worked for you before, no longer is, it may be time to get professional advice.
  • When acne is taking a toll on your self esteem. Acne can affect your entire life, and if breakouts are causing you social or psychological distress, regardless of whether it is mild or severe, then it’s time to go see a dermatologist.
  • When your acne is super painful. If your acne is painful enough that it’s hindering your every day activities or constantly on your mind, it’s definitely worth a trip to a dermatologist to see if anything can be done to reduce the inflammation.
  • When your acne lasts a long time and/or keeps coming back. Cystic acne is caused by bacteria that is underneath the surface of your skin and it gets inflamed. It’s hard to treat because it’s so deep. This is when a visit to a dermatologist can benefit you.
  • When you get a lot of post inflammatory pigmentation and acne scars. If acne leaves post inflammatory pigmentation (or dark marks), or acne scars, even if you haven’t picked at your skin, then it’s time to consult a dermatologist.

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