10 Ways to Help Prevent Summer Eczema Flare-Ups

Eczema flare ups are common in the summer, often stimulated even more by allergies, heat and general changing of the seasons. But there are many ways to help keep your symptoms at bay and your summer a success.

  1. Stay hydrated – drink lots of water
  2. Keep gels and lotions in the fridge to keep them cool
  3. Use cooling towels to help reduce sweating
  4. Minimize excessive outdoor activities during the hottest, most humid parts of the day to eliminate as much sweating as possible.
  5. Carry a cooler bag with a bottle of cold water and a washcloth to wipe sweat off right away
  6. Wear loose fitting, light clothing. Items made of natural fabric like cotton or linen is best
  7. Swim! The chlorine in the water can help. But rinse off after swimming and moisturize right away
  8. Keep the insides of elbows and backs of knees as dry as possible 
  9. Wear long-sleeved cotton pajamas and run the air conditioning at night
  10. Coconut oil. Soak in a baking soda bath (lukewarm to cool water) and slather on coconut oil afterwards.

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