The Doctor will See You. Online.

Among stay-at-home orders and intensive new procedures for essential visits, seeing your doctor in person is more challenging than ever. But that doesn’t stop your eczema from flaring, your rash from itching or your acne from needing attention. Many skin conditions can now be reviewed without leaving your home via telemedicine.

It’s true. Today’s technology allows the doctor to make house calls again.

A telemedicine consultation is typically conducted via a secure video conference platform where your doctor can see and hear you, just like you would in person. You can show areas of concern, answer your specialist’s questions, and discuss treatment options. Your doctor can remotely submit any needed prescription and email you a plan of action. In most cases, it should be billable to your health care insurance without issue. (Be sure to confirm with your provider before setting your telemedicine appointment.)

Other providers allow a secure portal to submit a list of your symptoms and photos of the affected area through your computer, smartphone, or tablet prior to, or even in place of, an actual visit.

To have a successful virtual visit, there are a few things you will want to prepare in advance.

  • Test your computer, tablet or phone in advance. You need a webcam, microphone and speaker. Give it a try with a friend to make sure your device is working well enough for a quality consultation.
  • Make sure you are in a stable Internet environment — directly connected to the Internet is best. If you are using a tablet or phone, make sure your service is strong, and that you will be staying in one place throughout your appoitment.
  • Get Quiet. Find a place in your home that will have as few distractions as possible and where you are unlikely to get interupted. A focused conversation with a little privacy will allow for the best visit.
  • Have Your Doctor’s Number Handy. Just in case you have a technical issues or other problem come up, you’ll be able to give the practice a call.

Windsor Dermatology is now offering telemedicine. Call today to schedule your consultation.

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