New Year, New Hair

Most people are familiar with the harmful effects of cold weather on skin. However, fewer people realize those winter months can be equally damaging to your hair. The dryness and constant shifting from chilly outdoors to the heated indoors can wreak havoc on your follicles. That makes it important to switch up your hair care regimen and take extra special care of your locks.


The first thing you should do to combat the impending dry air is stay hydrated. Did you know that drinking plenty of water can actually encourage follicle growth? Also, drinking the water you need can result in a healthier scalp, which can prevent winter dandruff, hair loss, brittleness and itchiness.

Air Dry

Next, avoid the hairdryer or other heat styling methods in the wintertime. While most people are already aware that using such methods can cause damaged and dry hair, the effects are only worsened in the winter. Therefore, instead of using curling irons and hairdryers, let your follicles air dry. Also, try some different styles. For example, heatless curls, twists, ponytails or buns.

Nighttime Care

Have you ever rushed out the door in the morning and your hair wasn’t dry? While going out with a damp head may be OK in the summer months, you can do severe damage in the winter. The cold air can cause the follicle shaft to expand, which can increase the likelihood of breakage. Therefore, to avoid the risk of a damp head when running out the door, try switching from a morning to a nighttime washing routine, allowing ample time for air drying.

Silk Scarf

It is natural to want to protect your ears from the cold and to trap in body heat by wearing a winter hat. Unfortunately, those warm wool hats can lead to frizz and static, which can make your gorgeous mane look like something straight out of the jungle. By wearing a silk scarf wrap under your favorite hat, you can protect your strands and reduce the risk of “hat head.”

Dry Shampoo

While you may be in the habit of washing your locks every day or every other day, you may need to change your routine for the cold season, especially if you are dealing with dryness and split ends. Washing too frequently can dry out your cut, leading to damage, so try to space the time between washes. To make the process easier and to maintain a healthy head, you can try a dry shampoo.

Oil or Leave-in Conditioner

Hair oil or leave-in conditioner are two other options for ensuring a hydrated scalp. It doesn’t take much; you simply apply a few drops of oil every night before bed. If your dandruff or dry scalp problem is significant, then you can use heavier oils, like coconut or castor, leaving it in for 20 to 30 minutes.

Hair Mask

Last, commit to a weekly mask treatment. That’s right; they aren’t just for your face anymore. These treatments help to moisturize and rejuvenate follicles and strands, bolstering the health of your scalp for those long, cold winter months.

How has your hair been holding up this winter season? Have you noticed any significant problems? If so, then contact Windsor Dermatology and learn more about available treatments and restoration services.

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