Knowing Your Skin

Everyone has their own unique skin type. Certain lotions or face creams might work wonders for you, but do nothing for your friend. Skin can be categorized into a few basic types that describe your skin’s most relevant issue. If you have tried the hottest skin care products with little success, it may be because they simply weren’t suited to your skin type. Learn about the most common skin types so you can identify your own.


For those with normal skin, maintaining a normal routine is the path to healthy, clear skin. There’s no need to worry about combating excess oil or adding moisture. Instead, you are more concerned with maintaining your skin’s current state. Your skincare routine will include all the basic features of a cleanser, moisturizer and sun protection. For more thorough care, you can add a toner and serum. Avoid products that include alcohol in the ingredients, as this will dry out your skin.


Oily skin is often the easiest type to identify. If you often find yourself blotting your skin to get rid of an oily, greasy feeling, this is likely your skin type. For oily skin, the main goal of your routine is to prevent excessive oil production that can cause breakouts. Though you may assume the first goal is to dry out your skin, the ideal is actually to keep your skin hydrated but not overwhelmed with oil or moisturizer. Keeping dry skin moisturized prevents the oil glands from going into overproduction. Look for effective cleansers without alcohol, and seek out oil-free moisturizers.


Dry skin doesn’t have much oil, and will feel dry and powdery to the touch. The primary goal with tending to dry skin is hydration. Without hydration, dry skin can show lines easily, peel and flake. To keep things smooth and supple, focus on moisturizing products. Your cleanser should be mild and not drying, and you may consider using a cleansing lotion that replenishes moisture as it washes your skin. Select a moisturizer that supplies lots of hydration and absorbs into your skin effectively, with natural oils. You may want to get a night moisturizer as well.


This type of skin may include features from more than one skin type. Different parts of your face can include different skin types. For example, someone might have an oily t zone but the rest of their skin might be dry. Seek out a cleansing wash that isn’t too drying. If your skin seems to be getting too dry, a cleansing lotion may be a good option. When it comes to moisturizing, try to seek out a lightweight option that won’t sit on top of your skin. You can also invest in more thorough cleansing options, like a clay mask, to use only on oily parts of your face. With this skin type, you can get creative and try focusing on specific problem areas for masks and moisturizers.

When you select skin care products, make sure to consider how they will interact with your specific skin. Look for products that will help you balance out your skin and highlight its positive aspects.

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