Gifts for the Skin Care Enthusiast

You may have several skin care enthusiasts in your life. Chances are, they represent different varieties. For example, some skin care folks love to share their secrets and talk often about hydration, sun protection and other topics. Others may not realize they are skin care enthusiasts. They simply take good care of their skin and go about their business. Whether your loved ones fall in either category or another one, this gift guide has several ideas for the perfect present.

Silk or Copper Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases help promote a good night’s sleep, which is huge for skin health. Moreover, they can be godsends for people who have acne. Silk is gentler on skin in general, leading to less friction and a cleaner pillowcase. (As you shop, do check that the pillowcases you’re considering are actual silk and not just silk-like.)

Meanwhile, copper pillowcases are also good for people with acne issues. Like silk, copper reduces friction. It reduces or prevents wrinkles as well and promotes skin healing. In fact, the scientific evidence for copper pillowcases is stronger than for silk pillowcases. You cannot go wrong with either for a gift, though.

Acupuncture Gift Cards

Many skin care enthusiasts use facial acupuncture instead of Botox and enjoy skin that looks healthier, younger and smoother. A note of caution, though: Acupuncture clients should get whole body treatments, not just facial acupuncture.  Otherwise, too much energy gets compressed in the face instead of being allowed to flow throughout the body. Plus, full-body acupuncture helps with nausea, headaches, pains and other maladies. For the facial treatment:

  • 40 to 70 tiny needles are used.
  • The skin works quickly to repair microtraumas caused by the needles.
  • More collagen is produced, and it makes skin more elastic. Wrinkles and fine lines lessen.
  • The lymphatic and circulatory systems respond with more nutrients and oxygen.

Ten treatments once or twice weekly are good to get your skin care lover started. After that, one maintenance treatment every four to eight weeks should suffice.

Facial Massage Tools

Massages promote blood circulation and are amazing for skin health. Likewise, facial massage-related items such as rollers, brushes, massagers, eye massagers, sculpting bars, cleansing oils and serums are incredibly popular.

Bar Soap

Skin care gifts sometimes get expensive. If you’re trying to keep costs down, bar soap is a wise, vastly underrated purchase. At the same time, there are plenty of pricey bar soap products if that’s what you are aiming for.

Supplements and Vitamins

These vitamins and supplements belong on any skin care gift guide:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
  • Selenium

Of course, these substances are sold as part of a diverse product range encompassing many brands. One approach is to get your loved ones a gift card to their favorite grocery or health food store. That way, they can spend the money on fruits, vegetables and other foods serving up a skin care kick. Or, they can choose their preferred vitamin and supplement brands with the gift card. Another approach is to get in touch with Windsor Dermatology for your skin care and to get our product recommendations. Call us today at 609-443-4500.

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