Look Your Best this Holiday Season

Quick Ways Your Dermatologist Can Help

The holidays can provide families and individuals with some of the best memories of their lives. They are times filled with laughter, joy and love. Unfortunately, for all the laughs over the years, you have likely developed crow’s feet and laugh lines. While a sign of a happy life, these small creases can also lead to self-consciousness and people not feeling like their putting their best foot forward. Therefore, why not try improving your skin’s appearance before the holidays? You don’t have to spend a significant amount of time or money to achieve a younger and fresher looking appearance. Here are five quick ways to look younger before your next family gathering.

Rejuvenate Dulling Skin

Did you know that as you age, the body’s ability to replace skin cells slows? That is why older skin can appear duller and less vibrant. Fortunately, there are several options available to help rejuvenate aging skin:

While facials and mild peels are ways of helping your body remove old skin cells, Juvederm will help fill in parentheses lines around your mouth and nose. These treatments are fast, typically requiring only one session.

Plump Up Thinning Eyebrows

Another common problem is the thinning of eyebrows. Whether from over-plucking or the natural loss of hair, there are ways to improve your eyebrows’ appearance. Microblading is a recent treatment trend that involves the use of a small blade made up of fine-point needles and semi-permanent pigment. Essentially, this is a form of tattooing, and one of the quick ways to look younger for the holidays, as an appointment can be completed in an afternoon.

Fill in Pesky Wrinkles and Lines

If you are interested in quick ways to look younger that will help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, then dermal fillers or Botox are likely your best option. These are among the fastest treatment options available, with some Botox injections taking less than 15 minutes.

While searching for quick ways to look younger may seem like a frustrating endeavor, advances in dermatological treatments have made such inquiries both realistic and approachable. If you want to be looking your best for the holidays, then contact Windsor Dermatology, a leading dermatology center in New Jersey, to schedule a consultation.

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