Update Your Skin Care Routine for Glowing Skin This Autumn

After warm summer days on the beach, the cooler weather seeps in during the autumn. This may either lead to greater humidity from the rain or dry air once it gets colder. This is when many people learn the hard way that the skin care techniques that worked in the summer may bring them breakouts in the fall. So, here are seven ways to update your routine to ensure you have clear and healthy skin throughout the season.

Focus on Hydration

While the autumn rain may cause some humidity, for the most part, drier air is what you’ll need to battle with. To prevent this from wreaking havoc on your skin, your skin care routine should include hydration inside and out. You may need to replace the lighter creams you used in the summer with heavier ones, and if you used it once per day in the summer, you may need to do so twice per day during the fall. You also need to drink plenty of water, preferably eight glasses per day.

Do Some Exfoliating

There are several exfoliating creams and masks on the market that you may use. Be sure to talk to your dermatologist about which ones may be best for you, your skin type and any preexisting skin conditions you may have. For people with sensitive skin or who prefer all-natural solutions, there are recipes using pumpkin pulp or sea salt. For people who prefer to use no substances at all, even a loofa or wash cloth and warm water may suffice.

Remember the Lips

So many skin care products remind consumers not to use it on the mouth or near the eyes that it is easy to forget that the lips are as much a part of your skin as anywhere else. During the colder and drier months, they are also prone to chapping. Lip balm made from shea butter, beeswax or petrolatum may provide the best protection.

Lotion the Hands

The colder months also coincide with the start of flu season. As you wash your hands more often and use alcohol-based sanitizer, it takes a toll on your hands. The effect is that they may feel and appear dry. Keep moisturizer in your bag or on your desk to remoisturize whenever this happens. Some people may also need to apply lotion to the elbows, knees and ankles, which also dry out easily.

Upgrade the Soap

When trying to save a few bucks on the grocery bill, one of the first items to go is the expensive dish washing liquid. Unfortunately, cheaper ones are sometimes harsher. This may cause cracking and flaking of not just the skin, but even your nails. If buying new dish washing liquid is not an option, consider wearing gloves when doing the dishes as part of your new skin care routine.

Use the Sunscreen

While not an upgrade from the summer, this is nonetheless an important reminder. Many people remove SPF from their health and skin care considerations when cooler months and shorter days settle in. However, any exposure to UV rays can cause damage to the skin over time. Protect it by continuing to use SPF of at least 15.

Beware of Hot Water

During the autumn, few things sound as good as having a warm bath or a hot shower after a long day. However, hot water strips moisture from the skin. In fact, Baylor College of Medicine warns that hot showers can damage the skin during the wintertime by leading to excessive dryness. Try to use lukewarm water more often. Humidifiers may also prove useful.

Consult a Professional

What steps will you take to update your skin care routine this autumn? For more information about services we can provide to help you maintain smooth and beautiful skin, consult the professionals at Windsor Dermatology! Give us a call at (609) 443-4500 to schedule a consultation today.

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