Top Fall Foods for Radiant Skin

This month heralds the start of one of New Jersey’s most beautiful seasons. While many people enjoy the cooler temperatures and the leaf-turnings, there’s something else to look forward to in the fall. Autumn introduces fresh and delicious produce that add a special flavor and color to your meals. The fruits and vegetables also provide nutrients that can help you create and maintain healthy and radiant skin. Here are five foods you should keep on the menu throughout the season.


Most Americans who celebrate Thanksgiving do so with a turkey. While eating too much turkey dipped in rich sauces could cause your face to break out, light turkey can benefit your skin in unexpected ways. Turkey is one of several sources of animal protein that contain the mineral selenium. Selenium not only helps to prevent skin cancer but also protects your skin from free radicals. This helps to reduce dry skin, wrinkles and tissue damage.


To get the real benefits of the vitamin A in carrots in the autumn, it is best to eat them raw. As temperatures begin to fall in the northeast, it is also fairly common for people to rely on warn soups for lunch, dinner or supper. Thus, if eating carrots raw does not appeal to you, adding them to your soup might. Vitamin A reduces the appearance of wrinkles and brown spots. In fact, the retinoids in carrots are a common prescription for treating skin conditions, such as acne.


Usually appearing alongside either pumpkin or apple flavoring, cinnamon is one of the most popular spices of the season. If you have been adding this to your latte, oats or toast, there’s some good news. Lab studies show that cinnamon may help to fight bacteria and reduce inflammation, while also providing antioxidant benefits. All of these may help to reduce redness and irritation and improve the appearance of the skin.


Pumpkin is arguably the most popular food associated with the fall. From soups to pies, pumpkin and its seeds find their way into many autumn recipes. It tastes delicious, but even better, it can help to make your skin look younger. Pumpkin helps to protect people from the harmful rays of the sun. In addition to this, the pulp provides an all-natural solution for soothing and exfoliating the skin.


While it is perhaps one of the least-expected items on this list, it is nonetheless the most important. Drinking plenty of water helps to flush toxins from the body that may otherwise build up and contribute to unhealthy skin. Water also helps to keep the skin hydrated, which in turn reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Finally, the improved circulation adds a natural glow to your skin. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water per day, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

Diet alone may not bring you all the results you crave. For more professional results this autumn, contact New Jersey’s best dermatology team at Windsor Dermatology. You can reach us by phone at 609-443-4500 to schedule an appointment.

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