4 Tips for Teens to Ensure Clear Skin All Year Round

After a laidback summer, few teenagers look forward to going back to school. Sometimes, as early as the first day of being in a new grade, the stress of unexpected changes and higher expectations may cause the skin to break out. Add hormonal changes from puberty and you have a fine concoction for acne and other skin conditions to develop. So, here are four tips teens can follow to maintain year-round clear skin.

1. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Most teenagers love junk food, especially sweet and salty foods. Unfortunately, these make it difficult to maintain clear and healthy skin. While scientists have not been able to make clear links between food and acne, they do know that acne-prone teens are more likely to break out if they do not maintain a balanced diet. Drinking plenty of water, eating fruits and veggies and cutting back on the sodas and sweets are good starting points when going back to school.

2. Practice Hood Hygiene

Many teens spend a lot of time face-washing and adding tons of chemicals to the skin to clear away sweat, grime and bacteria. Teens may then go to sleep on bacteria-infested sheets, which they might even share with pets. They may also may not wash their hair as often as needed. Parents or teens should wash sheets every week. Dogs should also receive baths after hiking trips, if they smell or begin to feel oily to the touch. Depending on the hair texture, teens may need to wash their hair more frequently. Finally, teens should clean their phones and headphones.

3. Identify the Skin Problem

There are three main skin types: normal, oily and dry. Normal skin types are not as acne-prone and therefore require minimal care. Teenagers with this type of skin may only break out due to allergies, intense stress or medication. The other two skin types are fairly easy to distinguish from each other. Oily skin may look shiny and feel slippery to the touch. Teens with dry skin experience flaking and even chapping. Some of the other skin conditions teens may develop include excessive sweating, warts and eczema.

4. Have a Skin Care Routine

It may take some trial and error, but with the help of a dermatologist, teens can fine-tune a skin care routine that suits their schedule for going back to school. At the very least, dermatologists recommend cleansing the skin with soap and water. For more acne-prone skin, a high-quality facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer may be necessary. If teenagers wear makeup, they should make note of the ingredients as some may make breakouts worse in the long term, while providing short-term coverup.

After a summer of fun in the sun, a teenager may have fewer problems with acne. However, as homework, extracurricular activities and the usual teen drama begins to resurface at school, their skin may begin to break out. Make skin care one less thing they need to worry about. Schedule an appointment at Windsor Dermatology in New Jersey to see how our dermatologists can help ensure teens have clear skin all year.

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