Are You Using Expired Skincare Products?

When you look inside your refrigerator, you can probably tell in a few seconds whether something has gone bad. Mold has started to form, or the milk is now chunky. People do not think about it as much, but the same thing can happen to your beauty products. Expired skin products can be equally as gross as drinking expired milk, and they are bad for your skin as well. Dermatologists recommend using all of these products, but you need to know each one’s shelf life to avoid hanging onto them for too long.



For many people, the first thing they do when they wake up in the morning is apply moisturizer. Most professionals agree most moisturizers last for at least one year. However, a lotion can last for much longer as long as you store it correctly. You will know when to throw out moisturizer because there will be a drastic change in color and odor.


You need to wear sunscreen every day you go out into the sun. Sunscreens tend to have a long shelf life, which is great if you still have the same bottle from last summer. Most will last around three years. However, if you expose it to heat, then it will go bad quickly. Once the sunscreen changes in smell or hue, you need to get a new bottle. You should throw it out when the cream starts to separate. Expired sunscreen is not as effective at blocking UV rays, so you are better off purchasing a new bottle.


It all depends on what type of foundation you use when determining how long you can keep it. Cream-based foundations tend to only last for around six months. On the other hand, liquid foundations last up to one year. Foundation does not last as long because it is exposed to more bacteria than other skincare products. Bacteria and yeast can develop on the makeup. When you notice oil start to form that is not mixing into your skin, then you need to throw it out immediately.


Out of all the expired skin products, mascara has the potential to cause the most trouble. Many women have no problem double-dipping mascara in one session. However, the brush is applied to an open area of the face, and it comes into contact with bodily fluids. Therefore, yeast and bacteria can develop in no time within the container. You should not use this cosmetic when you have pink eye or a cold or else the bacteria can stick around inside the bottle. Mascara should last between three and six months. You should throw it out once it changes color or becomes clumpy.

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