Why Men Should Say Yes to Botox®

Non-invasive procedures to reduce the effects of aging have been around for decades, but they still have a reputation of being more popular with women than with men. The truth is that men also see the advantage of simple treatment options such as Botox® to improve the quality of their skin and to look younger. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the percentage of men opting to have minimally invasive procedures has increased 76 percent from 2000 to 2017, and the percentage getting Botox® has increased 397 percent in the same time period. Men want to see the same benefits from injections and fillers that women have been enjoying for years, and here is why you should too.

Improve the Quality of Your Skin

For years, men who have wrinkles and fine lines have been considered distinguished, as if aging skin afforded them a different status. With the rise in social media and our culture’s emphasis on youth, however, men want to find ways to reduce those signs of aging, including deep lines between the eyebrows, along the nasolabial folds, across the forehead, and around the eyes.

Botox® is an effective treatment for most of these issues because it relaxes facial muscles by blocking nerve signals. The result is fewer wrinkles, folds, and frown lines. These injections are not a permanent fix, but the effects can last for up to four months, and the earlier you begin regular treatment, the less likely you may be to develop some of these telltale signs of aging.

Boost Your Confidence

The benefits of non-surgical cosmetic procedures are more than skin deep. Men may become self-conscious about their appearance as they age, which in turn can impact their emotional health. Men may feel that their aging can change how they are viewed at work, by their peers, and even by their romantic partners. With Botox® injections, men can feel more confident about how they see themselves, which in turn can positively affect their professional and personal relationships.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cosmetic surgery can be expensive and require downtime to recover, but non-invasive treatments, including fillers and Botox® injections, are a more affordable option for many men. Typically, your appointment takes much less than an hour, about 10 minutes or so, and you may have little to no discomfort during or after. You may experience some mild swelling at the injection sites, but these should go away quickly. You may be able to see a difference in about 24-48 hours, much faster than if you opted for surgery. Of course, the improvements you notice are temporary, but with regular treatment a few times a year, you can continue to enjoy the benefits at a fraction of the cost of more-invasive options.


Answers to Your Questions

Windsor Dermatology provides a variety of surgical and non-invasive cosmetic procedures for men and women who want to maintain or improve their appearance as they age. Our board-certified physicians can address your concerns and suggest treatment options they feel are best for you. Call our office at (609) 443-4500 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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