Avoid These Common Wrinkle Forming Habits

Wrinkles can develop on your skin at any age, but they become more prevalent later in life. Everyone seeks out different information on preventing wrinkles, or getting rid of them if already present. Many say that wrinkles are timeless, they show the beauty of aging, and wisdom. Despite this, people still want to know how they can prevent wrinkles from forming. Be sure to avoid the following habits the best you can in order to slow down wrinkle formation.

Sleeping on Your Side or Stomach

Who would’ve thought that the position in which you sleep can cause wrinkles to form? It’s a sad truth that sleeping on your side or stomach can have a negative impact on your skin. Doctors recommend that you sleep on your back to reduce acid reflux, prevent pain in the neck and back and even minimize wrinkles in the face. Sleeping on your side or stomach pushes your face into the pillow, which wrinkles your skin. This does not happen when you are on your back.

Frowning and Squinting

Both frowning and squinting often can cause wrinkles to develop quickly in your face. Try making a conscious effort to smile more and avoid frowning. You just may improve your mood while preventing wrinkles.

If you’ve struggled with the sun lately, finding yourself constantly squinting, try visiting your eye doctor for prescription eyewear meant for the sun. It’s best to visit your eye doctor regularly in order to update your prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Raising your eyebrows, furrowing your eyebrows, and squinting can all cause wrinkles in the long run.

Rubbing Your Eyes

The skin around your eyes is the most sensitive skin on the body. You will likely suffer sagging and wrinkles if you treat this skin roughly. The best way to avoid wrinkles around your eyes is to refrain from rubbing your eyes as much as possible. Rubbing your eyes tends to stretch the skin, which breaks the elastin and collagen in the skin. This results in the skin becoming wrinkly.


One of the most commonly known causes of wrinkles is smoking. Not only does smoking cause issues with your overall health, it can also cause a plethora of skin issues. Aside from wrinkles, smoking also causes baggy eyelids, saggy upper eyelids, a saggy chin, wrinkling around the lips, bags under the eyes, and more facial damage.

Innocent Exposure to the Sun

Innocent exposure to the sun occurs on a daily basis. You should apply sunscreen to your skin each time you know you will be outdoors for a prolonged period. This includes when you are cutting the grass, raking the leaves, going for a run or walk, washing the car, and more. The sun can damage your skin throughout the year, not just when you are lying on a beach towel beside the ocean. Even cloudy days can cause issues.

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