5 Popular Myths About Treating Acne

Acne is a skin condition that affects millions of people across the country of all ages. This isn’t a condition that only affects teens. Adults can suffer from acne as well. In fact, it’s known specifically as adult acne. People go through quite a few different treatment methods when trying to get control of their acne, some that cost them hundreds of dollars in supplies. Today, we will take a look at five popular myths surrounding the treatment of acne.

Myth #1: Wash Your Face More

One of the most popular myths for treating acne is that you need to wash your face more than you are doing right now. Washing your face as often as you can will not help to treat or cure your acne. Acne is caused by a host of different factors, three of which are genes, stress, and hormones. Last time we checked, neither of those three can be fixed by washing your face, no matter the type of face wash you use.

Myth #2: Pop Pimples at First Sight

Another popular myth when it comes to treating acne, for both teens and adults, is that you must pop pimples at first sight. This is without a doubt, not a good idea, not even if you pop the pimples as safely as possible. Additional bacteria can be introduced into the recently popped pimple, causing inflammation and the chance that the area will become dark as it tries to heal.

Myth #3: Sit in the Sun to Clear Pimples

One of the oldest myths out there is that you can sit in the sun in an effort to clear the pimples from your face. There’s no proof out there that getting plenty of sun will help to kill pimples. Quite the contrary as the sun tends to decrease the immune system of the skin, leading to a higher likelihood of developing skin cancer and other skin issues.

Myth #4: Toothpaste Can Cure Your Acne

A common treatment method myth for acne is that if you use toothpaste on your pimples it will help to get rid of them. Well, for starters, putting toothpaste on known pimples is considered spot treatment. This means you are only attempting to treat areas with known acne, not all areas where acne could be developing. It takes roughly 90 days for acne to form and then surface on the skin. Also, toothpaste can clog pores instead of opening them.

Myth #5: Skin Care Products Have to Sting

This myth cannot be further from the truth. You definitely don’t want your skin care products to sting you because stinging is burning. You want the products you use to be strong enough to clear your acne, but not so strong that they irritate your skin. If this happens you will need to stop all treatments for your skin to recover before you can return to a normal routine.

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