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What’s Making Your Child’s Eczema Flare Up in Summer?

Eczema is a skin condition that typically flares up the most during the winter months due to the dry air outside and the heat indoors. Despite winter being a difficult season, summer can also cause flare ups for children with eczema. Here are some reasons why your child’s eczema might be flaring up during the summer months.


A chlorine pool could be causing the flare up of your child’s eczema this summer. Your child might not be enjoying time at the pool due to their eczema, which is flaring up because they have come in contact with chlorine. In order to prevent flare ups, rub a petroleum jelly on the child’s problem areas prior to getting into a chlorine pool. Once the child is done swimming, rinse their body with water that doesn’t have chlorine in it and then apply a lotion or cream that moisturizes their skin.


Allergies are a common cause of eczema flare ups, especially during the spring and summer months, when most allergies are heightened. Allergy triggers like ragweed and pollen have been linked to flare ups of eczema, so it’s no surprise that your child is suffering during the higher temperatures of the year. Check pollen levels prior to letting your child play outside.


Sweat is a leading cause of eczema flare ups during the summer. Children should get a bath or a shower following playtime, especially if they sweat, so their skin does not become irritated. For babies, make sure you wipe the backs of their knees, underarms and inner elbows with a cool washcloth to prevent eczema from flaring up this summer.


Most children want to play outside around the clock when summer comes, but many cannot due to the effects sun has on eczema. Some children can even be allergic to the sun if they have eczema. Children should wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 if they have eczema and want to go outside. Be sure to use sunscreen that is specifically made for sensitive skin or is free of any fragrances.

Insect Repellent

Spending a ton of time outdoors during the summer means plenty of encounters with insects. Insect repellent may help keep mosquitoes and other bugs away, but it can also be harmful to your child’s skin if he or she has eczema. Try to use an insect repellent that is low in DEET, as this is the most effective insect killer.


Your child’s clothing could also be causing an eczema flare up in the heat. Try to dress them in clothes made of cotton as often as possible. Be sure their sheets are cotton too. Clothes made of polyester, wool, or nylon can irritate the skin, leading to flare ups.

Has your child’s eczema flared up this summer? Are they bothered by the skin condition to the point where they cannot enjoy time spent on the beach or at the pool? Contact Windsor Dermatology in East Windsor, New Jersey at 609-443-4500 to schedule an appointment with a member of our friendly, experienced staff.

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