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What To Know Before Waxing

For millennium both men and women have used depilation or waxing as a method for removal of unwanted hair. With the rise in popularity of this hair removal technique in the past several years, Windsor Dermatology has a few suggestions about the process. The entire team at Windsor Dermatology understands that beyond a desire for good health, many of our patients consider maintaining the attractive appearance of their skin an essential element of a positive self-image.

If you decide that the Windsor laser hair removal treatment is not for you at the moment, you are still welcome to ask our experts about the option of waxing. If you are in active treatment with one of our experts – or if you have been a patient in treatment for skin disorders in the past – speak with the doctor assigned to your care. A quick question will suffice. “Is it safe now for me to rely upon waxing as a hair removal technique?” Usually the answer will not be complicated. If the answer is, “No,” then ask about an alternative method of hair removal that is appropriate for your age group and skin.

If you decide to seek hair removal service from a salon, follow a simple process before deciding upon a salon. Evaluate the salon with scrutiny just as you would another retailer.

  1. Ask about the credibility of the salon.
  2. Search online for possible complaints against them.
  3. Make a visual inspection of the salon before scheduling an appointment.
  4. Ask about the specific product used for the depilation.
  5. Inform the salon management about skin allergies.

Perform basic research about waxing products used by certified professionals. A certified professional will avoid using any waxing product that will potentially result in an adverse reaction. If the salon management permits, read the “Ingredients” list and make certain that the product does not have contents that might be allergens or toxins to your own body. Remember, the outer layer of skin has millions of pores and these pores could become a pathway for allergens or toxins.

Request that the attendant test the product on a small patch of your upper thigh first. This allows the opportunity to notice negative reactions and become accustomed to the discomfort of hair removal.

Exercise more caution if you have a history of allergic reaction. Avoid the temptation to save money on a hair removal service or a salon’s less costly product. There are many reports in the news about shoppers buying skin care products online to save money and subsequently developing severe reactions to the product. Studies have demonstrated that this is due to overuse or substandard quality control during production. This concern will be alleviated when you choose the Windsor team for your cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. When scheduling an appointment for body areas that are not readily visible, ask the individual performing the hair removal to examine the area for irritated areas prior to beginning the treatment.

Be aware that, waxing strips away not only unwanted hair, but also the skin intended to protect other tissue from invasion of external toxins.  There are three standards of excellence for the waxing hair removal method. Each of these standards are practiced by competent hair removal professionals. The first is a universal concept for in office procedures. The provider will wear disposable exam gloves throughout the procedure. The second is, to avoid excessive repetition of the treatment in a given session. The third is to wait a few weeks between sessions. Waiting a month between sessions provides sufficient time for the epidermis to regenerate. Avoiding excessive repetitions in each session minimizes the possibility of stripping away an unhealthy amount of epidermis.   Feel confident in requesting that the applications be limited per session to no more than twice on a specific site and equally confident in specifying that you prefer to wait at least one month between sessions. These standards are applicable to most cosmetic and aesthetic treatments, but are of particular importance when using depilation as the hair removal process of choice.

The team of skilled experts at Windsor Dermatology are each concerned about the excellence required in the delivery of all of our services, including our hair removal treatments.   We know that you entrust our team of experts with both your health and your appearance. Stop by our office, conveniently located at 59 One Mile Road Extension in East Windsor, New Jersey. Meet our front office team and schedule a preliminary appointment for evaluation. Or first visit our website to become acquainted with our medical staff of board certified physicians, specializing in dermatology. Whether in person, on the phone or through email we look forward to hearing from you and to answer your questions about Windsor Dermatology, our treatment philosophies and our entire line of services.

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