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Protected Skin Top Tips For Choosing A Dermatologist

Stop and think for a moment: when you first meet someone what part of that person catches your attention first? For some, it is another person’s eyes, their hair, or the build of their body. However, no matter what attracts your attention first, the reality is that a person’s skin will always be a noticeable feature. What kind of skin do they have? Does it appear to be smooth and even, dry and wrinkled, or caked with entirely too much makeup? A person’s skin and the appearance of it can certainly make an impression on a person. This is an important reason to have a dermatologist that you can trust with this important aspect of your physical appearance. Many people do not know where to start when looking for a dermatologist, however. Here are some top tips to keep in mind when choosing the right dermatologist.

The decision to seek out a dermatologist is certainly a personal one. Do your homework! Call your primary care physician’s office and see if they are able to recommend someone. Ask your friends if they know of a good dermatologist that you would feel comfortable with. Once you have gotten a few referrals, make sure that you look into the credentials of the dermatologist you are thinking about going to. Check and see if they have any specialties and if they have dealt with the particular skin issue that you are dealing with.

Another important aspect of a choosing a dermatologist is to consider your comfort level when it comes to the gender of your dermatologist. Is your particular problem on a part of your body that you would only feel comfortable showing to a person that is your gender? You want to make sure also that you are able to communicate openly with your dermatologist, as well. Many women feel that they can speak better with another woman while men may feel the same way about speaking to another man. Communication, especially with skin problems, is always key.

Finally, (and unfortunately in many ways) you always need to look for a dermatologist with your insurance in mind. You may find a dermatologist that you fall in love with but is not covered by your particular insurance. You then need to make a decision as to whether you are able to afford the dermatologist out-of-pocket or if you are going to be forced to continue your search.

Serving patients throughout New Jersey, Windsor Dermatology is conveniently located in East Windsor and has the ability to take on any type of skin issue or maintenance that a patient may need. With a team of doctors specializing in a variety of dermatological difficulties, and we are able to provide outstanding and professional care regardless of any issue.

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