Dermatological Decisions

How Can You Tell If Your Dermatologist Is Top Notch?

Decisions, especially ones that involve a person’s health or well-being can sometimes be stressful, overwhelming and even scary depending on the type of decision you are making. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to seek out a dermatologist, there are certain questions that will help you to tell if a dermatologist is one that can be trusted with your skin care needs.

The credentials of any medical professional should always be the cornerstone of any decision you are making when it comes to choosing a doctor. A dermatologist should be no different.  Your dermatologist should be Board Certified in Dermatology.  This verifies they are equipped to deal with any dermatologic condition. Do they have additional training for specific situations? Prior to your appointment, make a list of questions that are most important to you.

Your doctor should take the time to address your concerns and potential treatment options. Is your doctor active in research to advance the field? It is important to find a doctor that is up to date with new cutting edge treatments that are coming to the medical field. You want to be aware of all options you may have.

Finally, the hours of your dermatologist are very important. If an emergency arises, it is important that you have a doctor who works late hours and weekends. While office staff can address nearly all follow up questions, it is important to be able to contact your doctor if needed. If you have a skin care procedure done, are you going to be able to reach your doctor if you have any other questions or concerns after your appointment?

Windsor Dermatology has been in practice for over 35 years, and all patients are seen by Board Certified Dermatologists in a caring and compassionate environment while respecting your busy schedule.  We will work with you and give you the best options for tackling your skin problems, restoring your healthy skin.

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