FAQs About Microneedling

When you’re dealing with issues in your skin like wrinkles, textured skin, or scars, you might feel frustrated and uncomfortable with your skin. It’s important to understand that there are options available to help you deal with these issues. Microneedling is a great and minimally invasive method that can help clear up your skin and give you a smooth complexion that you can feel happy with. Your dermatologists at Windsor Dermatology in East Windsor, NJ, can answer some questions that you might have about microneedling. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Microneedling 

Q: What is microneedling? 

A: Microneedling is a procedure used by your dermatologist in East Windsor, NJ, to help rejuvenate and improve your skin. Your dermatologist will use thing needles to poke small holes into the surface of your skin. This activates your body’s natural healing process and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. This can make your skin look younger while smoothing out wrinkles and acne scars that may have developed over the years. 

Q: How do you care for skin after microneedling? 

A: It’s important that you avoid sun exposure and keep your skin clear for a few days. You should be sure to apply sunscreen regularly and keep your skin moisturized and protected. You can return to your normal life after treatment with no downtime needed.  

Q: How quickly does microneedling work? 

A: You may need more than one session over a few months to get your desired results. Depending on the severity of your issues, you may need three to six treatments. You should start noticing results within a few weeks of your first treatment. 

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