What Causes Psoriasis?

Windsor Dermatology staffs multiple doctors who can help manage short- and long-term skin problems and ensure that they get the attention you need to manage them properly. For instance, our crew fully understands how to psoriasis in East Windsor, NJ, and can provide the help that you need to recover. Here’s what you need to know about how we can help you.

The Underlying Cause of This Condition: It’s Complex

The complexities of this disease make it rather tricky to fully understand exactly what causes it. That said, doctors typically believe that it’s an immune system problem that causes skin cells to grow unusually fast. This reaction causes scaly patches to grow on your body. Sometimes, these patches can grow or even temporarily go away, creating a somewhat unpredictable condition.

That said, our team knows the triggers that can cause psoriasis and make it worse. These triggers will vary depending on the person and can vary in intensity as well. Thankfully, it should be fairly easy for most people to understand these common triggers and manage them effectively. Doing so can minimize this disease’s impact on your life.

Common Triggers: Are They Affecting You?

Have you developed patches on your arms, legs, back, or other parts of the body and think it might be this disease? It’s important to understand what triggers may be affecting you and how to avoid them. Often, these influences can be unpredictable and may require help from a dermatologist to manage. Just a few triggers you might experience include:

  • Excessive alcohol consumption seems to trigger breakouts in affected individuals
  • Heavy cigarette smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke also seems to cause it 
  • Dry weather often worsens its symptoms and makes it more painful 
  • Infections like strep throat or problems with the skin also seem to worsen it 
  • Injuries to the skin or even severe sunburns may trigger its outbreak
  • Some medications (like lithium, antimalarial drugs, or corticosteroids) may trigger it 

Do these triggers affect you? Contact us, and we can help you understand how to avoid them. If you haven’t experienced these triggers but are still in an outbreak, contact us right away. There might be something more complex at play that we can help you understand. In this way, you can mitigate your symptoms and avoid health concerns.

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At Windsor Dermatology, our team of skilled professionals can help you better understand psoriasis in East Windsor, NJ, and provide the support that you need to overcome this skin problem. Our crew of professionals will sit down with you and provide the expert support that you need. Call us at (609) 443-4500 to learn more.

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