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Is Sunscreen Still Important in the Winter?

Don’t let cooler temperatures lull you into a false sense of security and become complacent in your personal-care routines. While it may appear logical to decrease your use of sunblock in the winter when the sun seems to be less of a concern, the reality is that sun-related skin damage can occur any time of year. No matter what the weather is like, it’s important to understand the risks of going without a protective SPF moisturizer when you are spending time outdoors, so you can take the proper preventative measures to keep your skin safe and yourself healthy.

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What Are the Different Types of Eczema?

If you deal with bouts of itchy skin and inflammation that comes from eczema, you know how important proactively treating it can be. To properly treat your skin, though, you need to know what kind of eczema you are dealing with and what is likely to bring it on. There are seven major types of this condition, each with its own unique causes. All of them can be treated with the same palliative care, but managing breakouts and minimizing the length of episodes will require special attention to the type you are diagnosed with. Here are some basic facts to help you understand your type.

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How to Prep Your Skin for Winter Weather

Winter may bring some wonderful things like holiday parties, traditions or gathering together with loved ones. However, winter also brings drier, colder wind that can strip your skin of its moisture. If you don’t take the necessary precautions, you could end up with cracked or flaky patches. Here are some winter skin care tips to help you weather the seasonal changes.

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Molluscum Contagiosum: Is it as Scary as it Sounds?

Noticing something unfamiliar on your skin can be worrisome and unnerving. Noticing an unfamiliar rash on your child can be a downright terrifying experience.

A skin infection often leads to a battery of questions: Is it contagious? Is it chronic? Is it dangerous? All of these are logical questions for parents to ask. Our intent with this blog is to help you better understand one common, yet misunderstood, skin condition that impacts millions of children (and adults) every year: Molluscum Contagiosum.

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Is Too Much Caffeine Bad For Your Skin?

It’s Fall and that means it’s pumpkin spice latte season! It can be tempting to indulge as much as you’d like since these special seasonal beverages are only available for a short time, but you also need to be careful. Recent studies have shown demonstratively that over-consuming caffeine can have pronounced aging effects on your skin. Before you order up that second coffee, make sure you understand the choices you are making and their effects on your skin care.

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Hair Loss: What are my Treatment Options?

There are many cosmetic issues that come up in people’s appearances throughout life. One of the most devastating can be hair loss for both men and women. Some estimates report that as much as 85 percent of men will have substantially thinning hair by the time they reach the age of 50. Although balding used to be a fact of life for many people, the truth is now you can control whether or not you lose most or all your hair. The professionals at Windsor Dermatology have many techniques for keeping hair where it belongs.

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7 Common Myths About Psoriasis

One of the most common skin conditions in the United States is psoriasis. Some estimates indicate as many as 7.5 million people suffer from inflamed and darkly red patches of skin. Despite its prevalence, there are numerous myths that persist about the disorder. To understand how serious this condition is, it is vital to know the facts and debunk some of the most common myths about Psoriasis.

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Fountain of Youthful Skin

Treatments for Resolving the Effects of Aging Skin

Aging is a part of the human condition and no matter how healthy we try to be to keep our appearance youthful and fresh, time stops for no one. The good news is that there are many things you can do to both prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging while combatting the ones you already have.

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Leave your Allergies Behind

Managing Your Fall Allergy Symptoms

Seasonal allergic reactions can lead to a whole mess of symptoms. Most people are aware of the usual suspects: runny nose, sneezing and throat dryness. However, when fall allergens affect your skin, it can lead to further discomfort. You may even feel self-conscious if your reactions are severe. Whether it’s a routine annoyance or a new problem, you can combat your symptoms this year by understanding the causes and learning some prevention strategies.

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Feel Better in your Skin

Tips for Clearing up your Acne

One of the biggest dermatological issues people have to contend with is acne. Although this problem is most often associated with teenagers, people can develop it at any point in their lives. Whether you are going back to school or want to feel more confident on dates, here are some tips to help you attain better-looking skin on your own.

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