Healthy Skin Highlights: An Educational Web Series with Windsor Dermatology

Healthy Skin Highlights, which will be entirely online through Zoom, aims to expand your knowledge and offer insight into dermatology conditions that you may know a lot about, or perhaps are very curious on! Each of our fantastic providers will give a presentation with accompanying slide show and then open the platform up for questions and answers. Be sure to submit questions ahead of time and we will do our best to make sure you are answered in the live stream!

For past streams that you may have missed, please check back as we will have them linked here. For a schedule of events please see below:

Dr. Simon discussing Alopecia PRP
January 12th | 6-6:30 PM

Dr. Bagel discussing Eczema
February 9th | 6-6:30 PM

Dr. Myers discussing CoolSculpting
March 9th | 6-6:30 PM

Dr. Bagel discussing Psoriasis
April 13th | 6-6:30 PM

Dr. Myers discussing Acne
May 11th | 6-6:30 PM

Brianna discussing the importance of skin checks
June 8th | 6-6:30 PM

Dr. Nieves discusses Hyperhidrosis
July 13th | 6-6:30 PM

Alexa discussing Melasma
August 10th | 6-6:30 PM

Kristen discussing Vitiglio
September 14th | 6-6:30 PM

Kristen discussing Warts & Molluscum
October 12th | 6-6:30 PM

Brianna discussing Rosacea
November 9th | 6-6:30 PM

Alexa discussing HS
December 14th | 6-6:30 PM

Dr. Simon discussing Pediatric Dermatology
January 11th, 2022 | 6-6:30 PM

Dr. Nieves discusses Cosmetic Rejuvenation
February 8th, 2022 | 6-6:30 PM

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