Jessica Simon, M.D.

Jessica Simon, M.D.

East Windsor, NJ Dermatologist

Windsor Dermatology


Board Certified Dermatologist

Dr. Jessica Simon is double board certified in both dermatology and pediatric dermatology, and is well versed in all areas of dermatology, including hair loss. She is an active member of both the Society of Pediatric Dermatology and the American Academy of Dermatology. Dr. Simon has been recognized for her academic excellence with multiple award nominations, such as the Golden Apple Award for Teaching Excellence Award by the New Jersey Medical School. Dr. Simon has presented at both national and international meetings on both adult and pediatric dermatology. She has been published in numerous textbooks and journals and enjoys volunteering her time-sharing her knowledge at several health fairs. Dr. Simon is also fluent in Spanish. Outside of work, Dr. Simon enjoys spending time with her family, running, singing, traveling and reading.


  • Board Certified in Dermatology
  • Board Certified in Pediatric Dermatology
  • Bachelor of Arts: Rutgers University
  • Doctor of Medicine: Rutgers Medical School
  • Internship in Pediatrics: Rutgers Medical School
  • Residency in Dermatology: University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital 
  • Fellowship in Pediatric Dermatology: Emory University
  • Practicing Adult and Pediatric Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery, PRP and CoolSculpting

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  • Board certified in Dermatology
  • Board certified in Pediatric Dermatology
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology
  • Doctor of Medicine: Rutgers Medical School, New Jersey
  • Internship in Pediatrics: Rutgers Medical School, Newark, New Jersey
  • Residency in Dermatology: University of Miami, Miami, Florida
  • Fellowship in Pediatric Dermatology: Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Practicing dermatology, dermatologic surgery and CoolSculpting
  • Member of the Attending Staff at Penn Medicine Princeton Health
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  • Herskovitz I., Simon J, Tosti A. Anagen hair syndrome. International Journal of Trichology 2013



  • "Dr. Simon is absolutely amazing!!! I loved that she was very thorough and followed up to check on my daughter. She was the only doctor who knew what was wrong and treated her properly after seeing other multiple doctors!! Highly recommend her and this entire practice!!"
  • "I highly recommend the services of Dr. Simon. She is the type of physician who spends considerable time with you and is very caring and compassionate."
  • "Dr. Simon is undoubtedly the ideal match for any child or adult with any anxiety or fear. She is completely thorough in examination while explaining everything she is doing. She is calming, comforting, gentle, and exceedingly patient. She is professional and can seamlessly speak the language of her audience. She effortlessly maintains adult conversation while answering the parent’s questions in Parent-Talk while simultaneously answering my daughter’s questions in Age 11-appropriate language."
  • "This was my 3rd annual visit with Dr. Simon. She listened carefully to my concerns and gave me thoughtful responses. Waiting time was short and time with her felt as long as I needed."

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