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“I’ve been a patient at Windsor Dermatology for the past thirty years under the excellent care of Dr. Jerry Bagel. He is a knowledgeable professional who has made my life significantly better as a result of his treatment of my severe psoriasis. His clinical trial involvement keeps him in the forefront of new and better treatment options. I always feel he cares about his patients and their wellbeing.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the wonderful Windsor Dermatology nurses and office staff. I have found them to be helpful, friendly and always ready to make you feel comfortable.”

– My name is Clayton and I’m glad to be a patient at Windsor Dermatology.

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Jerry Bagel, M.D., M.S.

I have been struggling for two years. I have tried everything, even traveling to other states… until I met Dr. Bagel. He spent time with me and told me he’d seen worse and assured me that I will get better if I follow his protocol. It is the first time I have felt at ease because most doctors walk in, walk out and don’t really see you. Dr. Bagel explained the medication to me in terms that I could understand. Being able to understand and know what he said has really put me at ease. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment even if it’s a long wait, it’s worth it.

David Nieves, M.D.

Brought my daughter in with an irritation/bump under the skin above her lip. We were given time with Dr. Nieves right away and felt very taken care of by the staff here. Dr. Nieves himself was great, he explained everything he thought on the situation and further made sure my daughter understood what he was saying. He gave his expert opinion on the issue and took a very careful observatory approach to treatment, putting both myself and my daughter at ease. Top to bottom this was a great visit, and I would recommend anyone to this office. Keep up the great work Windsor derm!

Brian Keegan, M.D., Ph.D.

The front desk staff are attentive and friendly. The doctors are very knowledgeable. Both my sons and I are patients of Dr. Keegan. Thanks to his medical advice our skin conditions (acne, exzema, seborrheic dermatitis) have improve greatly. He also has a good sense of humor!

Wendy Myers, M.D.

Fantastic experience. Everything is done very professionally. Dr. Myers is without doubt one of the best physicians I have ever met. Kudos to her and Windsor Dermatology.

Matthew Halpern, M.D.

Office is so nice and caring. Dr Halpern did Mohs surgery loved him. He is so nice and even called that same night just to see how thing were. Mario is awesome and sweet and can’t say enough about Amy! The front desk staff never makes you feel like you an interruption like most doctors office. The whole office cares about its patients. Highly recommend Windsor Dermatology! – Liza

Jessica Simon, M.D.

After 2 years of pain and agony with various dermatologists, Dr. Simon cured the warts in just 2 months.

My younger sons started having warts on his fingers at the age of 11. I researched online and did all that was recommended but the warts just would no go away and kept spreading. After trying all home remedies and over the counter solutions with no success I took my son to a dermatologist in the Princeton area. After a few months of visits and co-pays I gave up on him as it did not help even a bit. All this Dr. did was freeze them once a month. 4 months went by and no visible results.

My son now started getting comments at school on the warts which made him feel very uncomfortable and embarrassed. I start noticing him hiding his hands under the table. I desired to take him to another dermatologist and his solution was to surgically remove the warts and burn them. The whole procedure was extremely painful. My boy pulled it thru but even looking at it was horrifying. I was told they might return and they did, even more. We went back and the same procedure was done again. More pain and more pain killers and of course more co-pays.

I would have no complaints if the solution was good and permanent but it was not. Also, the other Dr’s on the follow-up appointment at the same practice questioned their own colleagues’ treatment of this. This was all a nightmare for my son and us.

Finally, I found Dr. Jessica Simon, recommended by our new pediatrician Dr. Shapiro. During the very first visit, she seemed to know what was going on and prescribed a cream to be applied. She advised that insurance may not cover this medication but she was sure it will work. As we already spent over $400.00 on the copays, $85.00 Rx did not sound like much. Within a week of applying the medication, we start seeing results.

After 2 months of regular application, the warts disappeared permanently. No pain and no frustration! I am really thankful to Dr. Simon, wish I had found her 2 years earlier, my son would not have to go through all the pain he did.

I hope this will help other kids who really need help find the right doctor.

Thank you Dr. Simon!!!
– Mariana

Alexa Hetzel, M.S., PA-C

I had a punch biopsy done by Alexa Hetzel and I don’t think I can possibly give her enough positive reviews. She was gentle, kind, funny and put me at ease when I was extremely nervous. She kept me talking and focused on everything but the procedure. She and her nurse Kaitlyn deserve a 5 star review. Thank you so much for making this so easy and I will absolutely be spreading the word about the amazing PA that Windsor Dermatology has!

Psoriasis Treatment Center

I have known and been a patient of Dr. Bagels for over 35 years. He has successfully treated a severe case of psoriasis using whatever was state of the art at the time. I know due to personal contact in the field that he is ranked by some to be among the top half dozen nationally in treating psoriasis. I have also at times seen almost all of the Drs. in the practice and can’t be happier. I most highly recommend Windsor Dermatology and Dr. Bagel.

Dr. Bagel and Dr. Nieves have worked with with me in spite of my little or no health insurance. One day I believe I’ll be doing a commercial with them showing 100% clear psoriasis.

Dr. Bagel and his staff have been a constant in the battle/marathon race of keeping my psoriasis under control. Always ready to answer questions and spend the extra minute with me as I take my notes on our visits. Much appreciated. – Barbara

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I love Dr. Bagel! I’m a 36 year old mother. I have hormonal acne, eczema, and Basil Cell Carcinoma ( thankfully Dr. Bagel saw it right away!). I’ve been hiding my skin for so long! I haven’t been able to get rid of the acne since I was pregnant with my first child! It’s finally getting better! I’m really grateful I was referred to him!

Botox & Juvaderm

Dr Nieves is awesome. I did my lips for the first time for my 28th birthday, he made made me feel really comfortable and I love love love my lips now. I will be going back next year to have them done again. Lindsey is also the best front desk.

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