Your Winter Skin Care Routine

Dry winter air dries out your skin. Not only is there less humidity, but your body also reacts by constricting blood vessels in an attempt to hold in heat, which means there is less circulation to outer skin layers. This combination of cold-weather effects leaves many people battling dull, dry skin and the flaking and cracking that comes with it.

No matter your age or gender, you can fight back by making changes to your skin care routine. Read on for our essential tips for keeping your skin hydrated throughout winter.

Cleansers for Face and Body suggests first and foremost that you choose different cleansers for your face and body. Use a hydrating cleanser on your face, preferably one without soap, to remove dirt and makeup. Wash gently in tepid water, never hot. Harsh soaps and hot water can remove your skin’s protective oils. Those with oily skin should use water-based products.

Look for a body cleanser that contains moisturizers. Natural oils, including jojoba and olive oil, and shea butter should be high on the list of ingredients. In addition to these oils, look for ingredients such as petrolatum, mineral oil, lanolin, hyaluronic acid and glycerin, which all help to relieve dry skin. Ceramide-based products are another option as ceramides help support the skin barrier.

Serums, Sunscreen and Scalps

Serums can be added before moisturizer to boost your skin care regimen. With ingredients such as retinol and antioxidants, serums enhance firmness and texture while fighting redness and inflammation. Also, include:

  • Sunscreen: Winter sun is harmful too, and sunscreen is needed even on overcast days to protect against UV rays.
  • Scalp attention: Work shampoo into a lather and massage it in well before rinsing. To fight dandruff, use shampoo containing zinc pyrithione.
  • Sheet masks: A mask allows time for regenerative ingredients to soak in. Try one after a shower while pores are open.

Don’t forget your lips. Carry a lip balm along with you and apply it throughout the day. Look for a balm with natural oils, shea butter, wheat germ or aloe vera.

Morning and Evening Routines

We suggest adjusting your skin care routine to the time of day. In the mornings, concentrate on protecting your skin for the upcoming day. At night, shift the focus to cleaning and repair. A morning rinse with warm water followed by moisturizer and sunscreen may be all that most people require. Before you turn in at night, you should gently cleanse your face followed by an exfoliant, toner and any serums. Moisturize as a final note.

With continued consumer investment in skin care, research is ongoing as well, which means consumers can expect to see ever-more-advanced treatments. If not around the corner, they’re certainly in the works.

If you’re looking for a specialized skin care routine and want to feel your best this winter, schedule an appointment with Windsor Dermatology. One of our experienced professionals will be able to evaluate your skin concerns and provide a treatment plan for you. Call us at 609-443-4500 or request an appointment online to schedule your skin evaluation!